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SMA Slit Adapter (for use with single core fibers)

SMA Slit Adapter

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Converts the entrance and/or exit slit ports to accept SMA 905 compatible optical fiber assemblies.

Regulatory Compliance

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Product Description

Note: Slit Adapter converts slit aperture to SMA connector compatible with Amphenol 906 series fiber optic connectors.


  • 提供6種波長範圍選擇
  • 緊湊的便攜尺寸
  • 提供2個近紅外版本

Mini-Chrom是手動操作的單色儀,利用旋鈕刻度盤來選擇波長。若轉動轉盤,會透過精密的導螺桿/正弦規機械轉動繞射光柵,繞射光柵會將選取的波長置於出口狹縫處。在所有機型上,都能從四位計數器直接讀取以奈米 (nm) 為單位的波長。近紅外機型F需要將測微計讀值增大一倍 (每格2nm) 才能選取並讀取波長。#56-253 and #56-254 have gold coated optics for maximum grating efficiency and superior reflectance in the near infrared.

These are ideal as components for system integration; all that is required is the light source and sensor. Set of 300 micron slits is included. Narrower slits increase resolution but decrease throughput. Wider slits increase throughput at the expense of spectral purity. These instruments are designed for use in research, quality control, and teaching. They are also used extensively as components in a variety of sophisticated analytical and biomedical equipment such as: clinical chemistry analyzers, HPLC detectors, and UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometers. The Mini-Chrom is a compact, in-line Fastie-Ebert design with throughput, resolution, stray light, and power handling features comparable to many larger, more expensive, conventional models.

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