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成像鏡頭組件是各種尖端應用中不可或缺的一部分,這些應用包括機器視覺、生物醫學儀器,工廠自動化和機器人。本影片展示了成像鏡頭組件的整個生產過程,包括設計以及各個鏡頭元件的製造、組裝和測試。如欲進一步瞭解我們製造成像鏡頭的能力,請造訪 www.edmundoptics.com.tw/capabilities/imaging-assemblies/



At Edmund Optics, we manufacture many of our optics to meet our customers need.

Ever wonder how an Aspheric Lens is made? Check out this video! We'll show you the step by step process in manufacturing an Aspheric Lens.

We manufacture over 5 million optics every year at our global facilities in the Americas and Asia. If you need it, we can make it!

Join Gregory Hollows as he compares an EO fixed focal length lens to a leading competitor lens and see for yourself how EO performs.


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