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    Dimensions (mm)
    Diameter (mm)
    Cut-Off Wavelength (nm)
    Cut-On Wavelength (nm)
    Optical Density OD
    Rejection Wavelength (nm)
    Transmission Wavelength (nm)

    Shortpass Edge and Dichroic Filters

    Shortpass Edge and Dichroic Filters are used to transmit wavelengths shorter than the cut-off wavelength of the filter. Shortpass Edge and Dichroic Filters are commonly use in life science applications including fluorescence microscopy or for integration into a variety of instrumentation. Shortpass Filters are typically designed for a 0° Angle of Incidence, whereas Shortpass Dichroic Filters are designed for use at a 45° Angle of Incidence. Shortpass Edge and Dichroic Filters can be used with Longpass Edge and Dichroic Filters to create custom bandpass filters to selectively transmit portions of the spectrum while rejecting all other wavelengths. These optical filters can also be used as hot mirrors to minimize unwanted heat caused by infrared radiation.

    Edmund Optics offers a variety of Shortpass Edge and Dichroic Filters for performance in the ultraviolet, visible, or infrared. TECHSPEC High Performance OD 4 Shortpass Filters offer superior blocking with maximized transmission. TECHSPEC Dichroic Shortpass Filters feature low polarization dependence, broad spectral ranges, along with hard coatings ideal for use in harsh environments. Shortpass Edge Filter kits are also available containing some of Edmund Optics’ most popular Shortpass Edge Filters.



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