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V-Block Base

  • Adjustable Height Bar Clamp Included with #03-665
  • 非常適用於安裝雷射鏡筒與大型光學元件
  • 底座上具有¼-20 螺紋孔,藉此可安裝到直徑為0.50" 的立桿上

Our V-Block base is ideal for mounting laser tubes and optical elements thick enough to stand vertically on edge (such as most achromats). The six ¼-20 tap holes around the base are designed to accept clamp posts, but may also be used to mount the V-Block. A ¼-20 tap hole in the center of the base allows mounting to any 0.50" diameter post. Adjustable height bar-type clamp secures components in the V-Block.

V-Block Base
V-Block Base

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