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Chirped Mirrors and Highly-Dispersive Mirrors

Chirped Mirrors are dispersion compensating mirrors with a chirped laser mirror coating that compensates for the pulse broadening that ultrafast laser pulses experience as they travel through optical mediums. Highly-Dispersive Mirrors (HDM) are coated with a highly dispersive chirped multilayer coating and are used for pulse compression or intracavity dispersion compensation. Chirped or Highly-Dispersive Mirrors can be designed with low angles of incidence (AOI) to maximize the number of reflections between two paired mirrors or with larger angles for general beam steering. These ultrafast mirrors can be used in place of prism or grating compressors and offer the benefits of creating more compact, alignment-insensitive systems, which compensate for GDD as well as third-order and high-order dispersion, enabling shorter output pulses.

Edmund Optics offers a growing line of Chirped Mirrors and Highly-Dispersive Mirrors for use with femtosecond laser sources, including Ti:sapphire, Yb:doped fiber, thulium (Tm), and Holmium (Ho). These mirrors are available with low AOIs for ultrafast pulse compression, or with larger AOIs, such as 45°, for compression of ultrafast pulses during beam transport. Please contact us if your application requires a custom Chirped Mirror or Highly-Dispersive Mirror.

800nm 高色散超快反射鏡 New

800nm 高色散超快反射鏡
  • 在 780 - 830nm 之間反射率高於 99.8%(P 偏振)
  • 在 5°入射角的群組延時色散達到 -1300fs2
  • 適用於摻鈦藍寶石超快雷射脈衝壓縮
  • 超高速啁啾鍍膜
1030nm 高色散超快反射鏡 New

1030nm 高色散超快反射鏡
  • 在 7° 入射角達到 -1000 fs2 的高負值 GDD
  • 在 60nm 頻寬提供 99.8% 以上的最低反射率(P 偏振)
  • 適用於摻鐿光纖雷射的色散補償
  • 超高速啁啾鍍膜
1030nm 高色散寬頻超快反射鏡 New

1030nm 高色散寬頻超快反射鏡
  • 在 5° 入射角達到 -200 fs2 的負 GDD
  • 在 950 - 1120nm 之間反射率高於 99.8%(P 偏振)
  • 設計用於摻鐿光纖雷射的脈衝壓縮
  • 寬頻超高速啁啾鍍膜
2μm 高色散寬頻超快雷射反射鏡 New

2μm 高色散寬頻超快雷射反射鏡
  • 2000 - 2200nm 之間的反射率 >99.9%
  • 在 5 度 AOI 的 GDD 為 -1000fs2
  • 適用於脈衝壓縮 <100fs 的銩及鈥雷射
  • 寬頻超快啁啾式鍍膜
45° AOI 超快啁啾反射鏡 New

45° AOI 超快啁啾反射鏡
  • 高反射率及負群組延時色散 (GDD)
  • 適合在 45° AOI 提供色散補償及光束壓縮
  • 專為飛秒雷射所設計,包含摻鈦藍寶石雷射



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