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488nm OBIS Laser in a Fluorescence Microscopy Application
OBIS 594nm LS 100mW Laser, #34-233

488nm OBIS Laser in a Fluorescence Microscopy Application

OBIS 594nm LS 100mW Laser, #34-233

  • 針對所有波長選項採用相同的緊湊型設計
  • 採用整合式控制電子裝置,具有類比與數位調制功能
  • 提供具有卓越品質的圓形光束


注意: 需要使用電源供應器(另售)才能執行作業。CDRH認證系統需要使用OBIS™遙控器。建議使用OBIS™散熱器。

Three power supply options are available, but only one is required. #87-472 (not CDRH certified) includes a power supply with power cord. #87-473 (CDRH certified) includes a 1m laser-to-remote cable, and DC power supply with power cable. #87-475 (CDRH certified) includes a 6 laser scientific remote, internal power supply, and six 1m laser-to-remote cables with power cord.

Coherent® High Performance OBIS™ Laser Systems are designed for an extensive range of OEM or scientific applications including environmental monitoring, inspection, or machine vision, or for use in the life sciences for the fluorescence excitation of dyes and proteins in flow cytometry, microscopy, DNA sequencing, or drug delivery. These lasers feature smart electronics to ensure superior low-noise optical performance, and an ultra-small controller that has been integrated into the laser head.

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