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系列ID系列ID用於識別產品系列介紹,使得用戶利用搜索功能就能快速訪問介紹頁面。 #1290


  • 可夾持濾光片的厚度為3mm以上
  • 水平和垂直的安裝孔為¼-20
  • Posts Not Included
  • Smooth Motion with Integral Locking Screw

Translation mounts are a necessity for adjusting variable filter and beamsplitter positions. Applications and procedures for filtering visible lasers, for instance, usually require some method of translating the filter position with respect to the beam. Edmund Optics offers an economical translation mount for filter movement. Tapped ¼-20 mounting openings on the bottom and side of the mount allow either horizontal or vertical translation. Our mount is designed to maintain the maximum aperture of the mounted filter or mirror, blocking only about ½cm2 total area. Will hold filters, mirrors, beamsplitters, and flat optical components up to 3mm thick.

Optical components are held in shuttle, which translates along a 96mm rail. Two 2-56 nylon-tipped set screws, 12mm apart, oppose a flat nylon backing to safely secure components in the translation mount shuttle. Anodized aluminum rail is grooved to control the travel of the shuttle, which is guided by a thumb screw. Thumb screw is both a handle for translation as well as a locking position screw. Set screw allen wrench is included. Post is not included.

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